The First CLB Skills Competition in 2024



The first-ever Skill Competition of the Columbus Energy, held on April 27th, 2024, at the company’s premises, was a resounding success. 51 outstanding participants representing various departments competed in three skill categories:

Part 1: Question and Answer Skills Competition: Each team comprised members from different departments. The organizers presented questions to the teams in sequence. Each team had a fixed time to answer the questions. Each member could only provide one answer within the allotted time. The answers had to be accurate, prompt, and meet the question’s requirements. Coordination and collaboration among team members were crucial.

Part 2: Forklift Driving Skills Competition: This competition took place in a designated area with obstacles and designated cargo placement locations. Each participant used a forklift to navigate obstacles, lift cargo, and place it in the correct positions. To win, participants needed to complete the challenge flawlessly, achieve the fastest speed, and make the fewest mistakes.

Part 3: Office Software Skills Competition: This competition took place on computers using common office software like Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Participants completed typing, calculation, and information presentation tasks. The participant who completed the tasks in the fastest time emerged victorious.

Sharing his thoughts on the competition’s significance, Mr. Frank, General Director VIETNAM COLUMBUS RENEWABLE ENERGY CO.,LTD, stated, “In the era of the industrial revolution, continuously acquiring new knowledge and striving to improve professional skills are paramount. I believe that through learning and exchanging knowledge and skills in this competition, the participating employees will become experts, contributing to enhancing the competitive edge of VIETNAM COLUMBUS RENEWABLE ENERGY in the manufacturing sector.”

Following a period of intense competition and under the accurate and convincing evaluation of the Judging Panel, consisting of Directors and Heads of Departments, the outstanding teams and individuals who emerged victorious were announced at the Closing Ceremony held at 4:00 PM on April 27th, 2024.

In the Question and Answer Skills Competition, Team 1 and Team 7 were the two most outstanding teams, achieving the same score in the final round. The judges had to present an additional question to determine the winning team. With their composure, Team 1 successfully answered the additional question and emerged as the champion.

In the Forklift Driving Skills Competition, the first place went to Phan Ngoc Han from the Planning and Warehouse Department, who achieved a score of 280/300. This result demonstrates the department’s expertise and skillful driving.

The final competition was the Office Software Skills Competition. Dang Anh Van, from the Technology Department, unexpectedly won first place, surpassing other formidable opponents from various departments within the office sector. His outstanding performance earned him a score of 8.5/10.

Sharing his emotions after a day of participating in the competition, Dang Anh Van, from the Technology Department, the gold medalist in the Office Software Skills Competition, said, “Experiencing the intense competition and winning this competition is very meaningful to me. Not only did I get to interact with colleagues from the company regarding skills and expertise, but I also achieved a result that motivates me to contribute more in the future.”

The competition was not only an enriching platform that contributed to developing the skills and expertise of the participants but also a valuable opportunity for employees of Columbus Vietnam Renewable Energy Company to enhance their spirit of learning and collaboration.

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