CLB’S 1st Birthday and Year End Party



The 1st Anniversary Company Birthday Party and Year-End Party 2023 took place on January 30, 2024 at the company , with the theme ‘Unity in Building Dreams – Creating Every Future.’ This was a special event that held significant meaning, aimed at summarizing and honoring the company’s achievements and contributions throughout the past year.

The party was inaugurated by the CEO of the company, Mr.Frank with an emotional and meaningful speech. He shared about the company’s journey of development since its establishment, emphasizing unity, growth, and the future vision of the company. The opening speech inspired and motivated all the attending employees.

Next, the party continued with the cake-cutting and champagne toast. A grand cake, elegantly decorated, was placed on the table, representing a successful year and the company’s future aspirations. Everyone joined together to cut the cake and share joy, memories, and hopes for the future.

Afterward, the party proceeded with the ‘Looking Back at 2023’ session. In this part, the company presented a summary of its achievements, projects, and development throughout the past year. Employees were informed about the goals achieved and the challenges overcome. This helped everyone reflect on their work process and provided motivation for the next steps.

Following that, the party continued with the awards ceremony for Employee of the Year, Team of the Year and Manager of the Year. Individuals and groups who excelled in 2023 were recognized and awarded. This was an opportunity for the company to acknowledge and appreciate the contributions and achievements of employees in building a growing company.

Next, the party continued with a talent show and raffle draw alternately. Employees had the opportunity to showcase their talents and creativity through various performing arts acts. From humorous skits, music, and dance performances to special talent shows, everyone had the chance to demonstrate their creativity and bring joy to the party. At the same time, the raffle activities brought excitement and anticipation to everyone participating.

In every party, delicious food and fine wines were essential. With careful preparation, the organizers served hot and flavorful dishes for everyone to enjoy and create a space for networking and interaction. Besides satisfying the taste buds, the food also became a part of the party’s spirit.

The program MC posed interesting questions related to the company and the Lunar New Year, creating opportunities for everyone to participate and bond with each other. These questions were not only entertaining but also helped people understand more about the company and foster a sense of closeness between employees and the company. People participated in answering the questions and shared their insights and personal memories.

After everyone finished enjoying the delicious food, the atmosphere became livelier with recreational activities. The organizers arranged cultural performances such as singing, dancing, and outstanding performance acts. People were free to register and participate in cultural exchanges, bringing laughter and joy to everyone. These performances not only showcased the employees’ talents but also fostered unity and integration within the company.

In the cheerful and lively atmosphere of the year-end party, people had the opportunity to express themselves and build better colleague relationships. The exchange and free conversations created memorable moments and enhanced the cohesion of this event.

With delicious food, interesting questions, and lively cultural performances, the year-end party became a memorable and enjoyable event. People had the opportunity to eat, enjoy, and appreciate outstanding performances. It was an occasion for everyone to connect, share joy, and build strong relationships within the company.

The year-end party brought joy and unity to all employees and partners. Together, they celebrated the company’s success in the past year and looked forward to a promising future.

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